Gear Heads: Writing Utensils

Ok...this is going to be weird I think. But hang with me. 

Last night was one of those nights in ministry that went way too late. And then my buddy Ed and I followed that up by hanging out into the night a wee bit too much. And then my son decided 4 AM was a perfectly reasonable time to wake up this morning. So I was sitting in staff meeting contemplating my life, wishing that someone would just follow behind me with a pot of coffee to refil my depleted cup at will. 

Add to that the idea I had last week to have at least one blog post every day, in an effort to both increase my street cred as a media pastor and also to work on my writing skills. After having that brilliant idea, I posted twice last week. Motivation is a tricky business. 

So that perfect storm all came together, really in a crystalizing moment during staff meeting. I thought to myself, "What if I did a series on the gear that I use to be a pastor?" Truth be told, I am picky about my "gear," and I have a lot of opinions on the subject, and nothing says blog quite like spouting off opinions that not a single soul could possibly care less about. So I quickly examined the supplies at my disposal in the meeting, and as angelic choir music played ever so softly in my head, the thought struck me: 

I'm going to do an entire post about pens.

Yes, that's right. An entire post about writing utensils. I can just hear all the trackpad smashing around the internet as you decide to share this piece of sheer brilliant writing with your friends. 

To be sure, we could have started with sexier gear. Laptops. Cameras. Tech. But let's face it: if you do any kind of creative work at all, a pen is probably the first tool you reach for every day. And I've been through the ringer with pens. Some are too thick and smudgy. Some are too thin and not powerful enough. So I have gathered years of experience, and landed actually quite a while ago on my pen of choice: 

The Pilot G2. 

These pens are amazing! They're gel based, which I assume means that in a pinch the ink could be used to perfectly preserve my faux-hawk. They fit perfectly in my hands, not too think, not too flimsy, just perfect. I rarely ever get that pencil crap that comes with inferior products. The paper soaks up the ink just so, and while every now and again there is some risk of smudge, as long as you're careful things will dry pretty quickly. And best of all, these delightful tools come in an entire rainbow of colors! 

This is super critical for my preferred journal/notebook method, which we'll turn to in another post when I have nothing else to write. A lot of times on the same page I'm working on 4 or 5 different ideas, and color coding is super helpful. When I write sermons, I can use a bolder color to point out a line I really want to land on so I can see it a bit clearer from the pulpit. And let's not forget, there are margins and doodles need to be doodled. If these little works of "art" were ever released to the world, I would die of embarrassment. But sometimes I'm a deeply visual learner, and drawing my ideas out can help me see what I'm doing. 

So there you have it. A J-Blog post on Tuesday. All about pens. We could end things here and call it mission accomplished, or we could go for extra credit. Leave a comment below to prove you had the focus to read the whole way through, and let me know what your writing implement of choice is.