A book update.

Greetings friends! 

I've been kind of absent from the blog, I know. But at least this time I have an excuse! You see, as I've mentioned before in posts, I've been writing a book. 

Even as I write that, the demons in my head start screaming. "Who would ever read something you wrote?" they demand. I then gently remind them that the topic of the book is how to be a messed up Christian, and how the grace of God works even in the most spectacularly messy lives, of which I am an expert. Then they usually make fun of me for not going to the gym, but that's something else. 

The first few weeks of sitting down to write were incredibly surprising. Usually when I have an idea for a book, I pour a whole lot of effort into Chapter one, feel really proud of myself, and then quit. But two weeks into sabbatical, I had written four of the twelve chapters I have planned for this book. I was on fire! 

Then two weeks ago happened. 

Ah, yes. The writer's curse. I don't want to call it writer's block. That makes it feel like I sat around a blank computer screen un able to come up with any ideas. I had ideas. I've had ideas for a long time. The book is planned, outlined, and thought through. What was happening was everything I was writing made me want to vomit all over my computer screen. It was so bad, I questioned whether something worth while would ever come off my fingers on to the keyboard again. The number of word documents I started then stopped was staggering. I started to worry about finishing on time. 

But then my father in law actually offered up some good advice. He suggested I change my tactics a little bit, and try writing the book by hand. Apparently there are studies that suggest that if you write something out by hand, you're more open and more creative than you are when you're just typing away. Sure enough, he was right. Tonight I spent the night writing a chapter out by hand, and loving it. Then I moved over to the computer to more permanently document what I had written, and some editing happened on the fly to make things even snappier. I'm back baby! 5 chapters down, 7 to go. 

I can't wait for you all to read this! Keep your eyes here on the J-Blog for updates and (hopefully) a release date in the near future.