Sabbatical So Far Week Two: Already Behind!

Hello friends!

My goal to update everyone on my sabbatical on Mondays has already fallen apart. Yikes! I guess when you have nothing but endless vacation on your hands you lose track of time. Let's see what I did this week: 

  • On Wednesday, Keith came up from DC and we went to the Stanley Cup victory parade. I am still kind of in shock that our Pens won the cup. Never would have predicted that in November! 
  • On Sunday, I traveled to West Virginia to preach at my good friend Justin Bower's church. I'm glad I did on so many levels: for one, that is an awesome church with awesome people and it was great to get to know them. Also, I realized there's going to be more than a little dust to shake off when I do go back to work, so writing a sermon or two over the summer isn't such a bad idea. 
  • Speaking of writing, most of what I did this last week involved writing for the new book. Usually when I have a book idea in my head, I write chapter one, get frustrated, and quit. This time around, I'm up to three chapters written, with the rest of the chapters at least outlined. Might we actually see a Jason Freyer jam this fall? Stay tuned!
  • And a vast majority of my time, and the most valuable of my time, has been spent watching those two knuckle heads pictured above. Sarah picked up some extra hours this week, so I've been a stay at home dad, goofing around and playing with the boys. It's been an absolute blast! 

So that's what I'm up to. Much more to follow later! Thanks for hanging with the J-Blog!