Friday Three Stars

Welcome back to an old J-Blog tradition! Each week, we will comb through the stories shared here on the J-Blog and around the internet to bring you the very finest of offerings. If you think someone else should have been nominated for a star, leave their name/feat of strength in the comments below. Here are this week's winners: 

3rd Star: Coffee

After a long week at NWMC, and catching up on office work before heading to Pine Springs Camp next week, there is literally not a day that has gone by that did not require the aid of this delicious beverage. Thank God for coffee.

2nd Star: Sonograms

The twins are coming! On Monday we got a chance to see the boys again. Baby A was feverishly kicking Baby B the whole time. Sibling rivalry can begin even in the womb I suppose! But it's been super fun during this pregnancy to see the boys as often as we have, so kudos to all those who make such technology possible!

1st Star: Rob Bell and the Everything is Spiritual Tour


As I mentioned earlier this week, the Everything is Spiritual Tour is huge, and well worth your time. I'm also struck by how much junk Rob goes through from his haters, and how strong he continues to be in the face of it. He was also willing to put his arm around me at maximum sweaty-ness, which alone should put you at the top of the charts for character. 

Note: I will be away next week, so the J-Blog will return with regular posts on August 10th. Hang in there friends!