Boy, it's been a while!

Greetings friends!

I haven't been on the blog since March 26th! That's a pretty long absence. What have I been up to? I'm so glad you asked!

1. Another term of school has started. I'm in classes on PC (USA) Polity, Loss, Transition and Transformation, and Pastoral Arts. Each of my classes this term is incredibly interesting and exciting, so I'm throwing a good bit of my efforts and energy into my work at school. 

2. Ordination is in full swing. We've reached the point where I am about to move (we hope!) from Inquirer to Candidate in the Presbyterian Church. This is mind-blowingly exciting! I've spent a lot of hours the last few weeks honing my statement of faith (which will appear on the blog just as soon as it is completely ready by the by), getting my paperwork in order, and in general gearing up for a bunch of meetings in the next few weeks that will largely determine my future. No biggie! 

3. I got a new mountain bike, so let's be real, blogging has been a diminished priority. 

All that said, I started working this week on a blog for Westminster, the happy church where I am privileged to work. It's still very much under construction, but the whole thing got me thinking that I should be blogging here more. So in the next few days, we're going to have posts about blogging, biking, bibles, and the (hopefully victorious) Pittsburgh Penguins. In the meantime though, I haven't gone anywhere faithful readers. We're still in this together!

More to come!