Hello friends,

Here is an interesting article that I fear will fall completely through the cracks. While I am completely on board with the lack of trust of our political figures and the system in general, I've never doubted democracy as a way to govern ourselves. But it would appear that among my generation, more and more of us are starting to lose faith in the system that has lit the world for the better part of the last 3 centuries. 

Other than a passing mention of allowing the army to run things (which is interesting for reasons I'll get to in a moment), the article fails to list what my generation would feel better about as an alternative. I find this very fascinating, because while the article makes mention of the fact that our generation of course has issues with particular institutions, it translates our distrust of democracy itself as a giving up on that system. Could it be (a very unscientific/pollster mind wonders) that the system is so rigged that we have lost faith in it? I know that's for sure happening with me. 

The other day I was talking with a friend about this very issue, how we in my generation had all but lost faith in the democratic system as is. He reminded me that of course in a democracy, if you are unhappy with the way things are, it's up to you to change things. And he's very right, when the playing field is leveled. Right now, the playing field is far from leveled. How do I know this? Because I am intently aware that as one person I have little to no power to influence change in the system. 

But here's a word of encouragement to my generation: let's not give up on this. We cannot lose our identity as citizens, either of the kingdom of God or of the United States of America. As another author noted when analyzing this research, we have turned into consumers and spenders far more than we have been citizens. While that might seem like fun, it should be obvious that such an approach is not sustainable. If we continue to consume without ever giving anything back, then eventually we will run out of things to consume. It's time for us to quit grumbling about the way the system is corrupted (an idea which extends beyond political party for those keeping score at home) and start changing the system. It will absolutely be an uphill climb. But the fights worth fighting almost always are. 

Let's spend less time being consumers. Let's spend more time being citizens.