Absent blogger.

Greetings friends!

You may or may not have noticed that I have been missing for the Olde J-Blog for the last few weeks. Other than the occasional stop by to water the plants and write the occasional post, I've been elsewhere. Where you ask? Well my time has been divided among a few things: 

1) Children.

Hard as it is for me to imagine, I now have offspring of my own. Two of them in fact. These guys are crazy fun to be around and to hang out with, but they're also a crazy amount of work. I have attempted to blog one-handed while feeding them, but this did not go well. 

Let me see if I can answer some of your questions before you ask them: 

1) No, I do not get any sleep, ever. 
2) No, they are not identical
3) Yes, I can tell them apart. 
4) Only once so far have I accidentally fed the wrong twin, thus giving him two meals and his brother none. 

Good times. But times that keep me away from the blog all the same. 

2) School. 

This is the term that will either make me stronger, or far more likely, kill me. Of course, there's Greek, which has been routinely kicking my butt the whole year. But then in my infinite wisdom, I added to it two classes taught by two professors who A) assign a lot of reading and B) know how to make sure you're doing it. Also, one of these classes is going to feature a 20 page paper due at the end of the term, which I'm sure I will procrastinate on writing until the very last minute. This makes blogging a luxury I cannot afford, unless of course you know, I'm going to stop paying attention and just do what I want. Which is very likely!

3) Another Blog

It's true, I've been sort of kind of cheating on you, the J-Blog readers. Our fine church, Westminster Presbyterian, has opened up our own blog. Because it's technology, and I have a thing or two to say about blogging, the church asked me to be the editor over there. In my infinite wisdom, I decided that for advent we would do a daily devotional, which means at least one post a day. Who has the time for that? Particularly when feeding infants and studying participles? But all the same, we've done pretty good at getting a post a day out. And so if you just have to have J writing, that's the place for you. 

Now of course, the J-Blog will be back. We'll tackle big topics like faith, and politics, and life, and hockey. But in the mean time, if there are specific topics you think the J-Blog should cover, leave me a little note in the comments to let me know. 

Stay classy out there!