Not Three Stars: Penguins Edition

Last night, I blew off studying for a while and went to the Penguins game, because some friends are awesome and give you tickets. However, what I witnessed last night was hardly hockey. So witness a J-Blog first: The not three stars of the game: 

3rd Not Star: Sidney Crosby's Stick

I have witnessed Sid's stick break at least 4 times this season. It also seems to know when he is set up perfectly for a one-timer on the power play, and decided this is an appropriate time to break. This makes me angry. Whatever stick brand Sid has chosen, time to go get a new one dude. This one has it in for you. 

2nd Not Star: Rob Scudderi

an, I was so pumped when they brought back Scuds. Now...not so much. I also feel like he's really dragging Oli Maata down with him, which needs to be stopped. Every time Scuds was on the ice, I felt like Dallas had a sure goal. I wasn't wrong at least 4 times...

1st Not Star: The Bratty Kid Behind Me Who Kept Shouting "SHOOOOOOOT" and "When Are They Gonna Pull Fleury?"

Parents: Educate your children well in the finer points of hockey decorum please. When I have to do it in public, things get awkward.