NYWC Two: Spiritual Direction

Good morning bloggers! 

Today I woke up earlier than usual at the NYWC. I made my way to the convention center after grabbing a cup of coffee at the Starbucks in the lobby of our hotel room (proof that God loves me...there's a Starbucks in the lobby of our hotel room!) I made my way down the little hill outside our hotel room, and once I hit the flat section, I pulled the Ripstik out to ride to the convention center. I pushed off, traveled exactly 12 centimeters, hit a crack in the sidewalk, and stopped, spilling the aforementioned coffee all over myself. Hurray!

At 8:00 I was in the sanctuary for morning prayers. Then I met with a guy named Jamie for an hour of Spiritual Direction. I have never done Spiritual Direction, but after this experience I think I'm going to set up something more regular when I get home. The analogy Jamie came up with after he had listened to what is going on in my life was that of the guy who is driving down the highway with a mostly empty tank of gas. Maybe you'll make it to the next station, but you don't want to run out on the side of the road. So every now and again you need to set aside time to fill up, to do self care, to listen to God.

I share this not just because it's what I'm going through, but because I think everyone has these seasons of empty gas tanks. It was beyond helpful to hear someone say that I'm not alone in this, even if I know it somewhere on an intellectual level it's good to hear it out loud. 

As I continue to focus this weekend on my own soul care, I pray you will too. Where are those places in life where you could use a refill on gasoline before you head to the next town? 

More to come for sure!