As good a day to launch as any!

Sea Launch at Sea from Flickr via Wylio
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6:00 AM- I wake up for no reason. This is I'm told one of the first signs of aging. I immediately hate it.

7:30 AM- I arrive in the office after bemoaning Pittsburgh fall weather, which apparently can dip as low as 16 degrees. I had to get gas on the way to the office. I felt as though my ears may legitimately fall off. I huddle at my desk, conveniently located next to the radiator, and allow myself to thaw.

8:30 AM- I am on my second cup of coffee. Already. This is going to be a long day.

9:00 AM- I arrive at our Staff Bible Study. I have missed this, as my recent seminary course work has caused me to miss Tuesday mornings, and this Bible study is the real deal. I am happy to be back with these incredibly bright, well-meaning people that I work with and to share ideas with them and hear what they have to share with me. It's a great great thing. 

10:03 AM- We move up the hall to our weekly staff meeting. These can sometimes be painfully boring, but always good. The hard part for today's meeting, especially being the first time I am back in a long while, is that my to-do list went from 2 items when the meeting began to 16 when it had closed. There's a lot to be done...

11:04 AM- Those of us who are in Christian Education huddle for a post-game meeting. The topic in question is how to minister to people in a post-programatic age, something I am sure we will devote a fair number of hours to here on the J-Blog. Nothing major, just thinking about shifting literally everything we do in ministry. A third cup of coffee is in order.

12:00 PM- I run around the building for the better part of 45 minutes catching up with people and crossing items off the to-do list from staff. It is amazing to me to remember how much I can get done on a Tuesday in this building. I've missed this. Topics include the preaching schedule while we're away this weekend, the Christmas eve service (way too early to think about but I suppose I have to) and our college care packages. It's a remarkable thing to be a part of a staff like this, where there is so much creativity and drive to minister to people. 

12:47 PM- I decide that it is time to launch the website. Because I didn't have enough going on. 

I've been blogging for the better part of seven years now, and a few things have shifted in the internet world to the point where I was without a home. I love writing about youth ministry. I love DOING youth ministry even more. Even the mundane day to day stuff like I just listed can be so energizing, so exhilarating, so exciting that I can't contain it. So what you find before you is simply the continuation of what has already been, just in a new space with a (incredibly easy to manage) awesome new layout. We will discuss what it means to be a youth worker. We will discuss what it means to be a seminary student. We will discuss how weird it is to be a youth worker in seminary who plans to be a youth worker when he gets out. This weekend, we will cover the National Youth Workers Convention, as this is the 10th time I've been able to go to this awesome event, and the fourth time in Atlanta. We're going to do some stuff here!

So if you've never been a fan of the J-Blog before, welcome! We're glad you're here. Share a few comments and stories along the way to make the conversation richer. If you're an old fan of the Blog, welcome to our new home! Any insight you have into how to make it better is richly appreciated!

More to come, for sure!